Sunday, September 2, 2007

Genealogy - Your Life Studies

Genealogy is the most interesting research field there is - mainly, because it surrounds YOU.

Before we go deeper in to genealogy's fascinating aspects, here is how you should start your research:

Start a family chart. That will make it easier to track progress. Write down all the information you know abut your family. Go back as many generations as you can, and write down family connections and general history of every family member you add.

Gather all the information you have. Search for records, papers, photos, documents and family heirlooms.
Records that are often used in genealogy research include:

· Vital records:

- Birth records

- Death records

- Marriage and divorce records

· Adoption records

· Biographies and biographical profiles

· Cemetery records, funeral home records

· City directories and telephone directories

· Diaries, personal letters

· Emigration, immigration and naturalization records

· Hereditary & lineage organization records

· Land and homestead records

· Medical records

· Military and conscription records

· Newspaper column

· Passports

· Photographs

· School and alumni association records

· Wills records

Check with your relatives to see if they have any family documents they are willing to share.
If your relative isn't willing to lend an original document, offer to have copies made. When talking to relatives, take the time to interview them and get as much information for your research as you can. Make sure you document everything, so useful information won't get lost or forgotten.

Use the internet to find more information in different databases. I will make sure to browse the internet and tell you which ones are most helpful.

Get started - and just have fun with it!

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